Kayak Rowing Team Harmonious Celebration This is how the Water Corps celebrates New Year's Eve

  Rowing Team: Harmonious Celebration

  Canoe team: two groups will meet to eat a reunion dinner

  This Spring Festival, in order to better prepare for the Olympic Games, the water army teams are in the training base quietly over the New Year, however, despite the tight security, this reporter still found a few insiders, prying into a few teams is how to spend this unforgettable New Year's Eve. The insiders are working very hard, this time, they broke the news!

  Rowing team: harmony

  -Informant: Assistant leader Sun Fan

  This year's Qiandao Lake base was particularly lively, and many local teams also trained here. So, on the night of 29th of this year, the national rowing team and Zhejiang team, Shaanxi team, Tsinghua University team and several other teams held a Spring Festival gala together, all the teams in the rowing family to enjoy the warmth of the Spring Festival, what makes everyone happier is that the State General Administration of Sports Deputy Director Cui Dalin and the Director of the Aquatic Centre Weidi also came to the team to celebrate the New Year together with everyone. As the team's recent training has been very intense, the programme was not intentionally designed and rehearsed, but the team members are very versatile, and the programme came as soon as they reached for it.

  Last year's gala men's bamboo dance, the previous section of the China Merchants Bank and rowing team's party, did not know in advance to show the programme of the rowing team sent Huang Zhongming guitar self-playing and singing, performance of a "furious life", double sculls group Zhou Qinian coach's "Big China" is also a reserved programme. But this time, the most popular programme is the double sculls team with a short period of time to rehearse the skit "planning", this by the "Shandandandan" combination of wonderful interpretation of the skit was slightly adapted by the team members, coupled with the exquisite performance, immediately led to the climax of the evening. We can see that our rowing team members are really "too talented!" Zhang Guolin, who played the role of Zhao Benshan, made people laugh and cry every time he opened his mouth. The single sculls team presented a wonderful modern dance with a bit of street dance flavour, which fully demonstrated the fashionable and sunny style of young people. Other teams did not come empty-handed, they all brought their own programmes. The conference room on the first floor of Qiandao Lake Training Base was almost overturned by the laughter of the team members, of course, the prizes are also rare, digital cameras, mobile hard drives are to the liking of the team members. You can see the photos we took, did the team members have the "style" of the stars?

  The traditional New Year's Eve dinner was still held on the 30th day of the Lunar New Year, and several teams ate a big meal together in Chun'an County. After the Chinese New Year party, the team went to bed early, because the first morning sleep is really rare, the second day will resume normal training, the new year's charge will start again. As the rowing team coach's New Year's greetings text message said, "Happy New Year, but we have had a fighting Spring Festival, and now still in the training ground! 2008 look forward to our common success."

  Canoeing team: two groups will meet for a reunion dinner

  -Breaking News: Deputy Leader Tian Zhong

  If you send a New Year's message to the kayak team athletes, it is best not to send before noon on New Year's Day 30, because in all likelihood they are in training, until after 7:00 p.m., they can only have time to return a text message, year after year, and used to it. On the morning of 30th of last year, there was still a large amount of training, and some players even threw up. As in the past, some of the coaches' families came over, but the coaches were not able to stay with them, the families were very supportive of the work, and did not stay long before they quietly left.

  However, this year's Spring Festival was relatively lively, because the two groups of kayak and rowing, which had been separated before, joined together. Previously, the kayak group was in Beijing, and the rowing group was in Yunnan Plateau, and the Spring Festival was spent separately several times. This year, we had a reunion. Although the time is rushed, there is no decent celebration, but we are still in accordance with the old rules to eat a reunion dinner, but the players are looking forward to the holiday is only the night of the thirtieth of the year and the first day of a big lazy, so they can only be at the table desperately trying to find fun, a few can talk the team members naturally is the protagonist, but also some of the "pistachio" can not escape from the whole of the fate, as to who, to stay, the whole of the world, and the whole of the world. As for who they are, let's save face and announce them after the Olympics!

  Sailing and windsurfing team: different flavours of multinationals

  -Source: Team Leader Yao Xinpei

  The current windsurfing team may have to change its name to "Multinational Force" or "United Nations". As the windsurfing programme has a special place, that is, all levels of the World Cup, World Championships are individually compared, now we have 11 levels, but it is difficult for these 11 levels to come together to race, training, because the time is not the same, so although the team is quite large, but always have to be "divided and divided". As in the previous winter training, the Radial class was in Zhuhai, the windsurfing team was in Dongshan, Fujian, and others were in Hainan, Qingdao and even abroad. After entering the season in January, the teams are even more scattered, windsurfing in Hainan, Yingling class in the United States, Laser class in Australia, Tornado and Radial class in New Zealand to prepare for the next stage of the competition, foreigners do not celebrate the Chinese New Year. Look, a team in so many countries, is it a multinational force?

  However, on the night of 29th of this year, an opera house in Hainan welcomed a group of special guests, and we took the windsurfing team members to relax and sing well. To say that the windsurfing team singers can be quite a lot, Athens Olympic silver medalist Yin Jian is a legend of the "God of Song", but the heavy training so that they can only hum a few lines at the end of the moment of training, like now this "serious" singing, can be a long time have not had! The Rarely relax once, everyone is having fun, in order to let everyone relax to the end, not to engage in singing competitions and so on, so everyone completely let go, do not care what level, sing happy on the good.

  Only in foreign countries to spend the Spring Festival team members, their New Year's Eve dinner may even be a pure Chinese food is a kind of luxury, they can only let their thoughts with their own driving boat flew to their hometown, and at home with the teammates to spend the New Year. In fact, your teammates at home also miss you. "Every festive season makes you miss your family", you miss home, we miss you. Grit your teeth and turn your homesickness into motivation.

  The Riptide Team: We're off to a family reunion!

  -Explosive: Leader Li Xin

  On the 29th day of the Lunar New Year, the kayak slalom team came to Beijing. It was not to reward them for their hard work in the past year and let them spend the Spring Festival in Beijing. Spending the holiday here was a choice they had no choice but to make, because after the 30th, they would be leaving to embark on a new season.

  The Riptide team has experienced a lot in the past year, there are the surprise of charging to the podium, there are the chagrin of carelessness, but there is not so much time for them to fully recall everything in the past, facing the future is the most important thing we need to do in the New Year. There was no party, no holiday, only a simple and honest New Year's Eve dinner, and we were all satisfied to have this New Year's Eve dinner in our motherland. With the warmth of the hot dumplings, we set off, the next World Cup in Australia is still waiting for us to struggle, and this commemorative Chinese New Year will be the beginning of a passionate year for them.

  The four expositors finished talking about the four teams' New Year's Eve. Whether it's a harmonious reunion or a lonely struggle, the goal is the same, to make new breakthroughs and achieve satisfactory results in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

  At the end of the explosion, the four expositors all told reporters in unison that they basically did not take a holiday in the New Year, most teams began normal training on the second day of the year, away from the city in the training base, wishing their relatives a happy new year. In the face of the Beijing Olympic Games, which is getting closer and closer, they sailed and swung their oars and set sail.


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Kayak Rowing Team Harmonious Celebration This is how the Water Corps celebrates New Year's Eve

Rowing team: harmony canoeing team: two groups will meet to eat a reunion dinner this Spring Festival, in order to better prepare for the Olympic Games, the water army teams are in the training base quietly over the New Year, however, despite the tight security, this reporter still found a few insiders, poking around a few teams is how to spend this unforgettable New Year's Eve. The insiders are working very hard, this time, they broke the news!

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